Welcome to the new Papirus website. A space designed to promote the circular economy and to communicate the vita (life) that exists in every detail of everything we do.

vita line
Vita Line

Vita line brings the green stamp that tells the story and the DNA of each product. It indicates the percentage of recycled paper fibers or virgin fibers from renewable sources used in the production process.

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vita that gives form and function to

eco-friendly packaging

We manufacture paperboard for packaging and printing applications, with recycled fibers (post-industrial and post-consumer) and certified and controlled virgin fibers. Our product line is alive.

our vita has the good that comes from the

circular economy

Papirus Circular is a circular economy project that engages all the links in the packaging market.  Our paperboard generates recycling credits for brands and promotes the development of reverse logistics infrastructure.

vita that comes from

renewable sources

Papirus does not have forests but does have the guarantee that all fibers used to produce Papirus paperboard with recycled and virgin fibers come from good forestry stewardship practices and other controlled sources. The FSC® seal is a symbol of Papirus’ concern for the environment and society.

we promote

recycling cooperatives

The cooperatives supply the paper scraps that will become packaging again. By purchasing scraps and with the Papirus Circular Program, which compensates cooperatives for the right to recycling credit, we help promote social good.

the good we promote

in our community

Through social initiatives and environmental education, we seek to give back to the cities around our plant some of the affection we have received since we arrived in the city of Limeira.

we are a

certified B company

We are part of a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.  The B System is an international institution that recognizes socially and environmentally responsible companies and evaluates aspects related to both the environment and communities, governance, employees and customers.



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