We are a certified B Corporation.

We are a certified B Corporation and are part of a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. The B System is an international institution that recognizes socially and environmentally responsible companies and asseses factors related to the environment, communities, governance, employees and customers.

This achievement is a major milestone in our journey towards an increasingly sustainable and responsible business model, and attests to our efforts and commitments on the different fronts checked by B System, including initiatives the company carries out since it was founded, and that will continue to exist showing the future we want to build for Papirus. Being a B Corporation is a recognition that we are going in the right direction and an incentive to to continue to work to improve more and more.

Being B is not a position, but a direction!

A global community of leaders who use their businesses to build a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for people and the planet.

The B movement - What does the 'B' stand for?

B stands for Benefit for all. The Global B Network mobilizes the B Movement to change our economic system to positively impact all stakeholders — workers, communities, customers and our planet.

As a B Corporation, we believe that we must be the change we seek in the world. We take action understanding that each of us is dependent on the other and therefore responsible for each other and future generations.

What does it mean to be a B Corporation?

As a B Corporation, we are part of a global community of companies that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Every B Corporation scores using five areas of impact in the B Impact Assessment: Environment, Customers, Community, Governance and Employees.

Certification as a B Corp does not mean that a company is perfect, nor does it mean that it has achieved its greatest impact. It shows that the company is part of a global business community working collectively to change economic systems.

B System Theory of Change

The current economic system, driven by business as one of its main players, is not delivering on the promise of creating positive impact, while at the same time creating significant negative impacts.

B System Vision for Change
An inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet.

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