The idea of a cycle is in the heart of circular economy.

Papirus works so that the paperboard used in the graphic industry goes through an ideal economic cycle.

We recycle pre- and post-consumer fibers, including collectors’ cooperatives in the cycle. When we use virgin fibers we make sure that it comes from certified and controlled sources.

Upon arriving at the consumer’s home, the package produced with Papirus paperboard, printed in the print shop, packaged by the industry and distributed by the point of sale closes a cycle that values natural capital throughout its journey.

circular economy

Vita line brings the green stamp that tells the story and the DNA of each product. It indicates the percentage of recycled paper fibers or virgin fibers from renewable sources used in the production process.

We have specialized services to help your company to use our paperboard and contribute to the circular economy: training, laboratories, and a team always up to date with packaging paper technologies.



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