We manufacture paperboard for packaging and graphic applications with scrap or certified virgin fibers. Our line of products has life.

We have the green stamp and stories to tell. We transform, recycle, we reinvent ourselves. An eternal new beginning.

Yesterday we made hats; today, paper: a paperboard full of possibilities. We like to experience, co-create, to deliver quality products and relationships that expand the market.

Papirus was established in 1952, when the Ramenzoni family, of Italian origin and great tradition in the manufacture of hats (Ramenzoni) and shirts (Bantan), decided to also produce the raw material to pack their products. They then acquired a paperboard factory in the countryside of São Paulo, which after a few years became the family’s main business.

In 1972 they built their current industrial plant, in Limeira, a city 131 km from São Paulo.


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