what is

Vita Club?

Those who buy Papirus paperboard not only buy a product, but also acquire all the expertise and pleasure that the company has in sharing it through the training and relationship policies of Vita Club.

How to join

Vita Club is a service aimed at all Papirus customers. Contact the sales team and find out how to request the services included in the club.

People development

To qualify its internal team and the internal teams of its customers, Papirus develops a series of trainings and initiatives with renowned partners in the market. We have more than 100 topics to meet your needs. With these initiatives, Vita Club members discover how to get the best result from our products with those who understand them most: the Papirus team.

Technical consulting services

In addition to closely monitoring the production process and responding quickly to any queries or difficulties, Papirus relies on a long-lasting and advantageous relationship with its customers. Therefore, it anticipates problems and helps to create innovative solutions.



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