Our line of products has life.

Paperboard developed for sustainability, integrates Papirus Circular.
100% recycled paper
30% post-consumer
circular economy
Perfect for coupling on micro-corrugated and corrugated, including B-wave.
40% recycled paper
perfect coupling
Paperboard with high printing quality, integrates Papirus Circular.
40% recycled paper
40% post-consumer
circular economy
Reproduction quality and structure of a triplex paperboard.
20% recycled paper
triplex structure
reproduction quality
Vitablister Triplex
Designed for blister packaging with PVC and PET bubbles, with delamination.
20% recycled paper
circular economy
perfect blister packaging
Structure, resilience, and printability in a duplex paperboard.
15% recycled paper
high printability
high structural requirements
Double coating application for high quality reproduction and edge wicking.
15% recycled paper
edge wicking
frozen and refrigerated
High bulk duplex recommended for maximum performance requirements.
95% virgin fibers
filling speed
Print quality with 100% with versatility of applications.
100% virgin fibers
color reproduction
Edge Wicking and suitable structure for cups and containers.
100% virgin fibers
circular economy
cups, trays & containers
Vitacopo Extrusion
Cups, containers and trays for delivery and fast food.
100% virgin fibers
circular economy
cups, trays & containers
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The Vita Line has the perfect paperboard for your packaging solution:


We offer products in a wide range of grammages, formulations, formats and possibilities for all types of packaging. And a will to continue always reinventing ourselves in inspiring and eternal new beginnings.

Vita line brings the green stamp that tells the story and the DNA of each product. It indicates the percentage of recycled paper fibers or virgin fibers from renewable sources used in the production process.

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