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Vitalab is a service dedicated to print shops and end-users who want to innovate with us. With a full laboratory structure at our Papirus office in São Paulo, we offer essays, tests and analyzes to develop the best packaging systems. All this with the expertise of our technical team and the diversity of Vita paperboard line.

Services offered

Lab Tests

For packaging structural, surface and physical characteristics analysis. They are aimed at supporting comparative analysis of substrates, characterization and application recommendations in various segments and uses.

Packaging System Analysis

With available testing structure and our technical knowledge, we carry out global analyzes of a packaging system, looking for the most suitable and economical alternatives.

Productivity Studies

Through PCA Bend Force and PCA Open Force analysis, in addition to other tests, we can determine the structures and substrates that guarantee greater efficiency in graphic production and filling systems.

Other customized services

We analyse your needs and propose specific activities for your specific case.

Tests and Analysis

Vitalab Balança Semianalítica

Semi-analytical Scale

The weight analysis indicates the paperboard’s mass per area and is key for packaging systems.

Vitalab Medidor de Espessura

Thickness Gauge

In some countries, paperboard thickness is the key metric, since it affects the crease and strength of the system.

Vitalab Rigidez TABR

TABR Stiffness Tester

Measures the paperboard’s stiffness both in the fiber and counterfiber directions, ensuring the package’s structure.

Vitalab Analisador PCA

PCA Score Bend Tester

Analyzes the force required to assemble the packages and the individual resistance of the creases. This is an important test to guarantee filling quality.

COBB Tester

It measures how much water the paperboard is capable of absorbing, an important analysis for the packaging’s life cycle.


Measures LAB (brightness in the A and B axes) which allows comparing the paperboard’s whiteness and print color fidelity.

Vitalab Análise Superfície

Surface Analysis with UV Light

Surface analysis is a complementary test that guarantees the package’s structure.



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