Papirus circular economy project wins ECO Award

Circular Papirus Project was the award winner among the best sustainability-focused business practices

Papirus, one of the largest paperboard producers in the country, for the first time won the ECO Award,  offered by the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and by Época Negócios magazine. Awarded in the “Sustainability Practices in Products and Services” category, the company’s Circular Papirus project was recognized as a modern and innovative sustainable practice under the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) concept.

“We are very happy to be recognized for our efforts to bring to the market and society a solution that contributes to give packaging waste a correct destination and to avoid inappropriate disposal in sanitary landfills”, says Amando Varella, Papirus Co-CEO and Commercial and Marketing director, while highlighting the award and it’s organizers’ credibility and relevance.

The project, developed in partnership with cleantech Polen, contributes to strengthen circular economy and compliance with the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS). The initiative certifies and records information regarding the traceability and origin of recycled materials received from cooperatives and other sources, and transforms them into recycling credits. These credits are transferred to large consumer brands producers (brand owners) that use paperboard from Papirus, which can attest to Papirus commitment to sustainability and the correct destination of packaging.

“The generation of recycling credits has a strong impact to boost the recycling market and provide sustainability the endorsement that large brands and consumers require today. Therefore, it’s very good to be linked to a system that enables expanding the use of recycled material, which guarantees additional income for recycling cooperatives and certifies the recycling process,” explains Christian Króes, Papirus Product Development and Technical Assistance Manager .

The award ceremony will be held on July 28th, at Amcham Brasil’s headquarters, in São Paulo.

About the Eco Award

For 38 years, the Eco Award has given voice to ideas, initiatives and efforts that promote the best business practices aimed at the sustainability of businesses, society, and the environment. Created by Amcham in 1982, the ECO® Award was a pioneer in recognizing companies that adopt responsible practices and periodically generates a rich discussion on sustainable business development in Brazil.

The name ECO, a fusion of the words company (Empresa) and community (COmunidade) in Portuguese, reflects the corporate commitment to social, environmental and economic development. Over the years, the ECO Award has gained recognition for predicting trends and for its positive influence on companies’ commitment to sustainability.

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